Smart Home & Building Automation

Try to imagine living in a house or working in an office that obeys your every command, a living or working unit where every device can be naturally controlled according to your habits, and every system can be simply automated
The only question you’ll have to ask yourself will be “What do I want to do today in my house?”
Because it will be your smart home or office, your Smart Home, that will respond naturally to your daily behaviors, leading you to control lights, heating and cooling thermostats, blinds and shutters, televisions, and entertainment devices immediately and intuitively, in synergy with the smart devices that are an integral part of your everyday life.
And your living or working space will resemble you more and more, with a single control interface and a responsible approach to energy management that is closer to the human touch. Locally or remotely.
MiVal Impianti Domotici
Your Smart Home
Mivalimpianti Impianti Domotici

Control4 Home Automation System – The complete solution for your Smart Home

With the Control4 system, the boundaries of traditional home automation have been surpassed to combine a new experience of complete control of home functions and security, the richness of multimedia entertainment, and the conscious and rational management of energy.
MiVal helps you to create the system that is best suited to your needs, with which you can control every aspect of your house. Wherever you are and from all your devices.
Just an iPhone or iPad, an Android smartphone or tablet, and with Control4 you’ll have every possible action at your fingertips, all your desires. Whether it’s controlling lights, managing the security system, listening to your favorite music track or watching a movie on TV, or even performing multiple actions at the same time, you can do it with a simple gesture. So simple that it will change the way you live in your home. You won’t have to think about how to do something, you’ll just do it.
The user interface will always display on all control devices, smartphones, tablets, and PCs, simultaneously, what is happening and the active settings. Thanks to its intelligence, the system itself will update you in real time.
With voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod, you can pleasantly converse with your home for a harmonious living experience full of pleasant emotions in every little action you wish it to perform. Just like a trusted collaborator.


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