MiVal Impianti has chosen Airzone systems for the control of temperature regulation, heating, and cooling.

Airzone, a leader for over 20 years in the production of climate control devices, has developed the latest environmental climate purification technology to improve the indoor air quality of residential or commercial units. In Airzone plenums, which can be installed with most leading climate system brands, the new Easyzone ionization system has been integrated. This allows for ionized home air and achieves better quality in the dwellings we inhabit.

The control of air conditioning, integrated with KNX and Control4 home automation systems, combined with the air quality improvement offered by Airzone technologies, ensures healthier and more sustainable living and working environments. This contributes to an enhanced standard of living and the energy savings necessary for a more sustainable future.

Monitor the air quality directly from your Smart Devices.

With an integrated home automation system, using KNX and Control4, or the Airzone App, it’s possible to control the indoor air quality of residential and commercial spaces at any time and from any location.

You can view three levels of particulate measurement at 2.5 µm, graphically display the air quality, and always keep track of the operating mode of the system, whether it is Activated, Deactivated, or on Automatic.

The integrated KNX, Control4, and Airzone solution by MiVal Impianti allows for centralized control of the main air conditioning technologies available on the market, in both multi-zone and individual systems such as:

– Heat pumps
– Hydronic systems
– VRF climate systems
– Multi-split climate systems
– Radiant panel heating with zone valves

With the integrated Control4 home automation systems, control is always simple and immediate, providing a system that allows you to manage the climate in your home in an easy and intuitive manner.

With Airzone systems integrated into the Control4 supervision, it is also possible to manage Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (VMC) systems, using a single ducting system without the need to install additional ventilation ducts, thus uniquely and simply verifying the correct intake of external and internal air for better energy savings of the dwelling.

The elegant Airzone Blueface touch thermostats are physically installed in each zone, able to control all functions of the heating and air conditioning system, communicating bidirectionally with the home automation supervisor and smart devices, to simply choose how and from where to control the climate system. Both locally and remotely, and especially in a comfortable and pleasant manner.

Airzone and Control4 climate management systems provide concrete answers to the needs of residential and work environments, prioritizing the optimization of thermal comfort and the need for building energy performance in terms of significant energy savings.

For more information on Airzone products, visit the manufacturer’s website at www.airzonecontrol.com

For a real demonstration of operation, visit our site at www.mivalimpianti.it

With MiVal Impianti, integrated solutions for the homes of the present future.

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