MiVal has tested and installed the Lexicon RV-6 Home Theatre receiver in their own home theatre room.

The Lexicon RV-6 is engineered to ensure that the most critical components of a premium AV system are performed with utmost efficacy. Unnecessary connections and features have been eliminated, focusing resources on maintaining the best-in-class signal integrity and processing for both audio and video, as well as uncompromising amplification across all channels at all times, even with the most demanding program material. The video and audio stages are designed for current and future technologies. HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2, 4K “Ultra HD”, and 3D video capabilities are integrated, as well as Dolby Vision compatibility.

A 24-bit/192 kHz audiophile-quality DAC, Dirac room equalization, exceptional dynamics, and low distortion ensure pristine sound for both music and movies. Harman’s proprietary Logic 7 Immersion™ Up Mixer System allows content to envelop the listener with a rich and natural three-dimensional sound. The flexible configuration, Spotify Connect, and a zone 2 with audio, 4K video, IR control, triggers, and power options make the RV6 and RV-9 an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

The Lexicon RV-6 is undoubtedly a product for those who demand the highest AV quality in their Home Theatre or Cinema Room, without compromise.

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