In Your Living Room, the Home Cinema Theatre Experience

With our Home Cinema and Multiroom Audio systems, we offer the viewer and listener unique sensations of immersion at the center of both video and audio scenes. You will experience the emotion of being involved in your favorite film, where the ultimate spectacle becomes reality in your home.

We pay particular attention to the aesthetics of the devices used in order to integrate technology with the most meticulous interior and architectural design projects.

Your music, your videos, and your films in harmony with the simplicity of use of devices integrated into the architecture of your spaces. All as elegantly and easily as possible.

Just as you’ve always desired.

Integrated Home Automation Audio Video Controls

You will no longer have to struggle with using the many remote controls you are accustomed to, but simply wish to use what you have at hand at that particular moment, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or the Control 4 universal remote.

Your music, your videos, and your films in harmony with the integrated devices and with the architecture of your spaces.

MiVal designs and creates Multiroom Audio Video distribution systems and Home Cinema, interfacing and integrating the technologies of everyday brands such as Apple iOS and Android devices with the best audio-video brands on the market. We pay particular attention to satisfying the most demanding customer, so much so that we coordinate every implementation with the most sophisticated projects required, combined with the highest performance, both video and audio, ensuring the best aesthetic and qualitative solution.

MiVal offers its decades of experience in creating Cinema Rooms, Home Theatres, and Multiroom Audio Systems, using the best technologies and equipment on the market, always aimed at meeting your personal needs.

Cinema Room – Home Theater – Multiroom Audio Systems

Private Cinema Room Experience

MiVal Impianti provides customized Private Cinema solutions to fulfill your desire for a unique personal Cinema Room Experience.

The best audio and video performances are achieved using devices of absolute quality, such as Pre-Final amplification systems, Digital Signal Processors, recessed speakers, and other carefully studied technical solutions, combined with correct audio and video calibration, to obtain the excellent result that a dedicated cinema room requires. Just as you’ve always wanted.

Everything you want to see and hear, at the highest audio and video levels, in your private Cinema Room. With MiVal’s solutions and installations, you can customize the look of your Cinema Room and coordinate it with a specific architectural project, selecting the materials and shades you prefer. Your cinema room will be integrated into your home’s automation with the Control4 system.

A unique and complete immersive visual experience and control.

Home Cinema Theatre. Audio and Video that make you feel like you’re in the scene.

Create the best cinematic experience in your own home. Hearing and seeing is believing, because when sound and video are reproduced correctly, together they have the incredible ability to transport you from your living room to a distant galaxy or an equatorial forest. The possibilities to create the Home Cinema system of your dreams are many, as are the unforgettable emotions you’ll experience.

Your Home Theatre experience begins with authentic, powerful, and clear sound, and realistic 4K UHD High Definition video, putting you in the driver’s seat of a racing car during a chase when watching your favorite action movie or in the stands with other fans when cheering for your favorite team.

We use the best brands in the industry, such as Barco, Sony, Lexicon, Audio Control, Wirestorm, Stealth Acoustic, Revel, Bang & Olufsen, and more.

Because when the audio and video are perfect, so is the experience with the Home Cinema Theatre system in your living room.

Just as you’ve always dreamed.

Audio Multiroom. The freedom to listen throughout the house.

MiVal offers you a selection of audio speakers tailored to your needs and desired quality, giving you the ability to expand your multiroom audio system over time. And your experience will always be unique, from the very first day with your favorite music.

With Control4 and Tidal Master, you can listen to your music tracks in High-Resolution Music with MQA, or use your favorite streaming systems and listen to the desired music throughout the house or in a single chosen room.

It will be easy to adjust the volume, turn off a room, or listen to music in multiple zones while viewing information about the audio being played.

You can also select Party mode to listen to the same music track throughout the house, yet have the ability to adjust the volume individually for each room, so you can enjoy your favorite music just the way you like it without disturbing other family members.

You’ll have the option to select different audio sources for each room, radio, music streaming services, or your personal music library, to satisfy the pleasure and needs of anyone.

Music and fun will accompany you in your daily moments in your Smart Home.

At every moment of your days.

Audio Video and Multimedia Systems – A Single Control System

MiVal offers you a new integrated multimedia experience with Audio Video systems. With the Control4 system, all entertainment systems will be integrated with each other for you to enjoy your music and movies simply and intuitively in terms of command and control.

We integrate multimedia players like Apple TV and Google Chromecast with the simplicity of Control4 controls, so you always have just one interface for command, whether it’s touch, smartphone, tablet, or the Control4 universal remote. Your systems and devices may change over time, but the way you use them will always stay the same.

And with customized scene management, Control4 will allow you to turn on a specific sequence of lights and, for example, start your favorite song, together, to make the sensory and entertainment experience in your home unique.

In your home, Entertainment will be fun, easy, and exciting.

With MiVal’s systems and installations, your Audio Multiroom system, Home Theatre, and Cinema Room will be integrated into your home’s automation using Control4 supervision, for a unique control experience. 

Audio Multiroom, Video Distribution, Home Theatre, and Cinema Room Experience. Entertainment to live out your emotions in your home. Just as you’ve always wanted.

Contact us to experience the best systems live, at our headquarters or in our showroom apartment.