MiVal Impianti incorporates Bluesound Hi-Fi devices into multiroom audio systems, offering the latest generation of audio entertainment in newly conceived Smart Homes.

Bluesound is a line of high-quality audio devices designed to provide an exceptional audio experience for music lovers. These devices are equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as high-resolution audio decoding and both wired and wireless connectivity, allowing for music playback without compromising audio quality.

The Bluesound lineup includes wireless speakers, multiroom speaker systems, network streamers, integrated amplifiers, and headphone amplifiers, all designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing devices and enhance your musical experience even further.

With its simple and intuitive app, Bluesound allows you to access millions of songs and streaming radio stations from sources like Spotify, TuneIn, Tidal, Qobuz, and many others. Additionally, you can easily control all your Bluesound devices from anywhere using just a smartphone or tablet.

Furthermore, Bluesound devices are designed to be compatible with a wide range of home theater systems and are equipped with numerous connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and optical audio inputs. This means you can integrate Bluesound devices into any existing audio system to achieve an even more comprehensive musical experience.

Bluesound’s perfect native compatibility with the leading Home Automation and Residential Supervision system, Control4, allows for nearly seamless integration of all Bluesound devices into home automation and building automation systems, thus simplifying and unifying the control of audio and video entertainment within a residential unit.

The Bluesound range includes active speakers and both amplified and pre-out network streamers. Key models include the PULSE FLEX 2i, PULSE MINI 2i, and PULSE 2i speakers, and for streamers, the NODE, POWERNODE EDGE, and POWERNODE. For more information, visit the official website at www.bluesound.com

In summary, Bluesound devices offer a superior musical experience for music lovers seeking the highest audio quality. With their cutting-edge technology and compatibility with a wide range of audio-video devices and integrated home automation systems, these devices are an excellent choice for music enthusiasts who want the most from their musical experience and for those who wish to integrate audio and video devices into home automation and smart home systems.

MiVal Impianti showcases the Bluesound range in its demonstration rooms.

For a personalized demonstration and to experience the Bluesound multiroom audio systems with EQ Audio calibration, to fully appreciate the pleasure of a multi-zone audio system installed in your home and integrated into a KNX Control4 home automation system, visit  https://mivalimpianti.it/contatti/

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