Casambi Technology – Smart Lighting for DALI KNX

MiVal Impianti becomes a Casambi partner Casambi technology represents a significant innovation in the lighting sector, offering advanced solutions for light control through wireless connectivity. Developed by the Finnish company Casambi Technologies, this technology enables efficient and flexible management and monitoring of lighting, transforming the user experience and promoting a sustainable approach. What is [...]

IpDoor – The New Frontier of Smart Home Intelligent Video Intercoms

MiVal Impianti has tested and installed the IpDoor Intelligent Video Intercom System Rapid advances in technology have transformed many aspects of our daily lives, including how we manage the security of our homes. One of the latest developments in this area is the advent of IpDoor video intercoms. These innovative security devices incorporate IP [...]

Merit LILIN Video Surveillance – Artificial Intelligence in Smart Home Security

AIDA and CONTROL4 – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE APPLIED TO CCTV SECURITY SYSTEMS IN HOME AUTOMATION Merit LILIN is a manufacturer of video surveillance systems that offers solutions incorporating artificial intelligence through the AIDA (Artificial Intelligence for Digital Applications) technology. Merit LILIN's AIDA technology uses AI to analyze video streams in real-time and identify unusual behaviors [...]

MiVal Impianti introduces the “Luxury Smart Home” integrated systems.

Living has never been so engaging. Automation, Comfort, Entertainment, Security, Home Automation Electrical Systems, and Energy Management. With MiVal's smart home electrical systems, Control4 supervision, and KNX bus systems for electrical installations, everything is at your fingertips, always and everywhere. Just a smartphone or a tablet, and your home completely transforms. MiVal's home automation [...]

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Eelectron DALI/KNX Gateway – High-Performance Lighting Control Home Automation Systems

Eelectron DALI KNX Gateway Series for KNX home automation systems and Control4 supervision Eelectron DALI gateways are devices designed for use in smart home automation systems. They serve as a control module between DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) power supplies and lighting fixtures in KNX home automation systems. Eelectron DALI gateways allow for intelligent and [...]

Vimar Linea Series – Full Flat and XT All-Button Home Automation Controls

MiVal Impianti Tests the New Vimar Linea Series The brand-new Vimar Linea series is one of the most innovative lines of electrical solutions for residential and commercial use, featuring advanced home automation controls and electrical outlets. MiVal has implemented this high-quality, designer product in our latest installations. Designed and produced by Vimar Spa, an [...]

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Airzone – Integrated Climate Control Systems

MiVal Impianti has chosen Airzone systems for the control of temperature regulation, heating, and cooling. Airzone, a leader for over 20 years in the production of climate control devices, has developed the latest environmental climate purification technology to improve the indoor air quality of residential or commercial units. In Airzone plenums, which can be [...]

The Control4 Smart Home with Vimar KNX By-me Bus Infrastructure

The Features and Benefits of a Smart Home from the Experience of MiVal Impianti. Smart homes, also known as intelligent homes or smart homes, are becoming increasingly common in our area. Recent data reported by Il Sole 24 Ore reveals that in Italy, 24% of homeowners undertaking renovations incorporate at least one smart home [...]

Konnex KNX Home Automation – Universal Integrated Home Automation

Konnex KNX Home Automation System - MiVal Impianti Standards The Konnex KNX standard allows for the automated and decentralized management of technological systems in various types of structures: commercial buildings, industries, offices, homes, public spaces, schools, and more. The KNX protocol is a global bus system that is open and complies with major European [...]

MiVal Impianti Energy Management – Vimar By-me Plus Load Control Modules

Manage Your Energy Efficiently - Energy Monitoring Modules - Your Green Smart Home Adopting responsible behavior towards our energy consumption not only allows us to save money but also enables us to adhere to a lifestyle that respects sustainability principles, contributing to the increasingly pressing energy issue. If we consider that simply using energy [...]

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