Merit LILIN Video Surveillance – Artificial Intelligence in Smart Home Security

AIDA and CONTROL4 – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE APPLIED TO CCTV SECURITY SYSTEMS IN HOME AUTOMATION Merit LILIN is a manufacturer of video surveillance systems that offers solutions incorporating artificial intelligence through the AIDA (Artificial Intelligence for Digital Applications) technology. Merit LILIN's AIDA technology uses AI to analyze video streams in real-time and identify unusual behaviors [...]

Modular IP Video Intercoms CONTROL4 / 2N

Latest Generation Technology and IP Video Intercom Systems - MiVal Impianti Chooses Control4 and 2N. Thanks to its modularity, the Control4 / 2N IP security intercom can be configured exactly according to your needs. It ensures reliable control of building entry and also allows easy connection to the home automation control touch panels installed [...]

IP Cameras by Lilin with Artificial Intelligence AIDA

Lilin cameras equipped with Artificial Intelligence AIDA are digital network cameras. These cameras can be used to create fully digital video surveillance systems that operate over a LAN network. In addition to all the functions of standard IP cameras, these advanced models are equipped with sophisticated video analysis and facial recognition capabilities that allow [...]

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