Comfort and Climate Systems for Every Need

With MiVal air conditioning systems, you can automatically and preset manage the climate control of your living spaces, be it at home or in the office. When winter comes, you can intelligently adjust the heating of your home by maximizing the use of energy sources, saving money and managing each individual environment of your house. You will have all the comfort you desire, and with energy monitoring, a responsible and green attitude towards the environment. In summer, intelligent use of the air conditioner will allow you to maintain a pleasant temperature simply by setting the desired setpoint in the home automation or system App. Everything will be executed by the integrated logic. You won’t have to worry about turning the air conditioner on or off, or adjusting the ventilation speeds or temperatures anymore.

Simplicity, ease of use, and energy savings with your climate systems.

Well-being and comfort at your fingertips.

Climate Control Devices Thermostats and Touch Panels

MiVal Impianti has been handling the best devices from the most prestigious brands on the market for over 15 years. You can choose thermostats that best integrate with your Interior Design project, combined with the best control performance and efficiency of the system. We use thermostats and climate control touch panels from Vimar, Ekinex, Eelectron, and others with deep knowledge and experience.

Climate comfort combined with ease of use for your living spaces.

Climate Comfort

Just as You Want It

On days when you unexpectedly run late, you only need to go online or use the apps on your smartphone to adjust the thermostat settings in real-time to your liking, activating the heating or cooling system. Whether you’re close to or far from home.

Your well-being, anywhere.

Choose to activate the air conditioning when you’re away.

During the summer months, you can program the air conditioning to turn off automatically when no one is home, or decide to activate the air conditioning system while you’re still at work, or during your journey back from vacation, using your smartphone or a remote computer, so you can return to just the right temperature. The rest of the operation will be managed by the climate system and Control4 intelligence.

Let yourself be lulled by the Climate Home you’ve always wanted.

MiVal Climate and Control4 home automation. Always connected to your home.

To control MiVal air conditioning systems, all you’ll need to do is simply click. You’ll control all air conditioning, heating, and cooling systems with Control4’s simple user interface. All commands will be exactly what you graphically expect. And you’ll always be connected to manage comfort as you desire, locally or remotely.

Your home will increasingly resemble your way of living and being every day.

MiVal Comfort Climate Systems.

HVAC Integration and Installation.

MiVal specializes in the installation and integration of heating, cooling, and HVAC comfort systems. We design systems to achieve the best results in terms of control and energy rationalization.

Our systems include the use of devices for integration with the most well-known dialogue technologies in Building Automation, such as Airzone, Intesis, and CoolAutomation, using KNX, Modbus, and Backnet protocol interfaces and controllers. For user control, the Control4 home automation supervision system is the easiest and most powerful way to simply control climate comfort systems.

For nearly 20 years, MiVal has been installing air conditioning systems from top brands, including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Samsung, Panasonic. Systems are always tailored to the customer’s needs, allowing for scalable and modular management of any requests or needs that arise later or as a result of future changes and requirements.

MiVal installs air conditioning systems from the most innovative brands on the market and integrates KNX and Control4 home automation control systems using Airzone, Intesis, and CoolAutomation controllers.

MiVal is a certified F-Gas – Icim and KNX Partner to provide the best solutions in Climate Comfort and Building Automation. Contact us for your projects.