Who We Are

MiVal Impianti was established in 2005 from the experience gained over time in the fields of electrical installations, network systems, automation, and the Security Systems, Video Surveillance, and Audio/Video systems of the founding partners.

Today, the company is all about crafting and hooking up high-tech electrical systems designed for Smart Homes and Building Automation, network setups, Climate Comfort, Security Systems, Audio/Video, and Entertainment. They do it in a seamless way to make managing living and work spaces super easy and user-friendly, with a keen eye on smart energy use.

We rely on the highest existing standards in the market such as KNX and Control4 as a certified company and official dealer programmer.

We design and install systems with a focus on leveraging new technologies for energy savings and the integration of network multimedia devices and security systems.

MiVal designs and installs technological systems so they can be used in a distinct way. Electrical, Home Automation, Audio and Video, Comfort Climate Systems, Network, and Security will become a single integrated system that will allow you to manage and control your home or office simply, and most importantly, without missing features, which can happen when there are multiple installers and the system design was not considered as a whole.

If you want to get to know us better and discover all the features of the systems we offer, we would be delighted to share our experience with you.

Our experience at your service

MiVal designs and installs systems with a focus on enhancing    new smart electrical technologies for energy saving and the integration of multimedia and network devices, using the highest current standards such as KNX, Control 4, Vimar By-Me Plus, Merit Lilin, Ksenia, and Cisco systems.

Our Design and Installation Principles

MiVal creates every single system with principles of modularity and scalability, expandable over time, to meet any need in the future, without the slightest difficulty.


MiVal Impianti offers its twenty years of experience to end customers, architectural firms, and construction companies for creating customized solutions for every need and specific requirement, with the goal of fulfilling every possible and achievable desire in the field of electrical, home automation, comfort, audio/video, and security systems.


In the development of an electrical or home automation system, there is often a need to have a project that complies with legal standards, necessary for the commencement of work. MiVal, with its associated engineering firm, drafts and produces the electrical project in accordance with current legal standards.


All Electrical, Home Automation, Comfort, Audio-Video, LAN Network, and Security Systems provided by MiVal Impianti are directly installed, activated, calibrated, tested, and delivered fully functional to the customer. With MiVal, the entire process related to a system, from its design to the final delivery, is always handled by one single company, to ensure its perfect execution and the correct operation and maintenance over time.


MiVal is an officially certified KNX Partner, Control4, Cisco CCNA, Vimar View Partner, F-Gas, and ICIM ISO 9001:2015 company. This is a tangible expression of our attention to and compliance with the standards for the technological systems we design, install, and test.

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Our Commitment to the Environment

We are committed to upholding our highest standards and expertise in every project and job we undertake.

MiVal Impianti designs and installs low-emission systems. All devices used are carefully evaluated to ensure energy is used in a rational manner, closer to humans and the environment that surrounds us.