The Control4 supervision system is simple home automation that integrates the technology in your home. Control4 is the most powerful home automation system on the market, always on and intelligent, allowing you to interact with numerous devices and integrate all the systems present in your residence, connecting and managing virtually everything. Just as a building requires plumbing, electricity, and network connectivity, a smart home requires a home automation system capable of managing and automating all its interconnected devices and systems.

With Control4, you’ll enjoy an elegant and user-friendly interface, providing quick and easy access to the technology in your home, including electrical, climate, security systems, and all the entertainment you’ve ever imagined. All of this allows you to achieve maximum performance from your Smart Home.

Control4 is an upgradable home automation system, designed to stay current and adaptable over time with changing technologies, while maintaining a consistent control interface, making it easy to manage the technology in your home at any time.

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