Eelectron DALI KNX Gateway Series for KNX home automation systems and Control4 supervision

Eelectron DALI gateways are devices designed for use in smart home automation systems. They serve as a control module between DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) power supplies and lighting fixtures in KNX home automation systems. Eelectron DALI gateways allow for intelligent and personalized lighting control of a home or workspace, such as adjusting light intensity according to user preferences or the time of day. Furthermore, they can be integrated and configured to create a fully customized automation experience. Eelectron DALI gateways are designed to be easy to install and use and can be controlled via supervisors like Control4 to create lighting scenarios with a very high aesthetic and design impact.

In the Eelectron range, we find the Dali gateway IC00P01DAL, the 2-channel Dali gateway IC02D01DALand the Dali IC00P02DAL Tunable White gateway which allows the control of dynamic white LED devices.

The DALI Tunable White Gateway supports the control of “Color Control” DALI devices (DALI Device Type 8), particularly in the TW version. This makes it capable of controlling the color temperature of a lamp through specific DALI functions. This gateway allows control of the color temperature through relative or absolute variation, as well as through scenarios and effects. The control of color temperature is largely independent of brightness control and the fixture used.

Six different addressing methods can be used, allowing for the sending of group or individual commands via KNX telegrams. This enables a high level of integration for lighting in specific environments, such as in projects like offices, showrooms, and high-design residences. Depending on the configuration, up to 32 independent DALI groups are available for group addressing. Alternatively, 64 individual addresses can be used through the device’s 64 DALI channels. Optionally, total control of all connected DALI devices (broadcast) is possible. In this latter case, it is not necessary to program the DALI network. The device is fully powered through the mains voltage and generates the necessary voltage for the DALI network (typically DC 16 V). This product is designed for mounting on a DIN rail.

DALI channel addressing in a home automation lighting system involves assigning a unique address to each lighting device in the DALI network. This address is used by the KNX home automation system to identify and control each lighting device individually or in groups.

DALI channel addressing is an important step to ensure that the lighting system functions correctly and that each lighting device can be reliably controlled. Additionally, DALI channel addressing allows for the creation of customized lighting scenarios and adapting lighting according to user preferences or environmental conditions.

In a dimming lighting system with a large number of light fixtures, the DALI control protocol allows for significant savings, as a single gateway can control and dim up to 64 individual light fixtures or 32 DALI groups.

DALI channel addressing, with Eelectron gateways, can be performed using ETS software, as Eelectron dimmers are certified devices for Building Automation systems with the KNX protocol.

With the Control4 home automation supervisor, all lighting fixtures with DALI KNX drivers are managed in terms of control in an easy and intuitive way by the end-user, integrating the control and command of Eelectron DALI gateways in a highly performant and efficient manner, making it possible to create sophisticated and impactful lighting scenarios. Control4, KNX, and DALI Eelectron will make your Smart Home a unique place for rational and harmonious light management.

MiVal Impianti uses DALI Eelectron lighting systems integrated into the Control4 home automation supervision system, ensuring high reliability and superior performance of control.

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