Next-Generation Electrical Systems
The Rationalization of Energy

MiVal Impianti, established in 2005, specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems for both the residential and tertiary sectors. From the design phase to testing and delivery, we utilize the latest industry technologies to ensure the highest quality and reliability for every type of user, from small living units to complex residential or tertiary units.

Our electrical systems are installed using only the best materials available on the market, ensuring the highest safety standards set by law, combined with high performance of use and eco-sustainability.

MiVal has been using the top brands in the electrical and lighting industry for over 15 years. We are pleased to offer our experience for the realization of the electrical system of your home.

Lighting Systems

In any architectural and interior design project, lighting must be considered to ensure the resulting space is fully functional, comfortable, and practical. In this regard, lighting design plays a significant role and should never be overlooked.

MiVal always places great importance on lighting in the electrical systems we install, addressing this aspect with a focus on lighting decor and control study.

For this reason, the convenience and efficiency of a residential or tertiary electrical system cannot be separated from a stylistic research capable of fulfilling any of your desires. We offer our experience in the design and installation of electrical and lighting systems to achieve the desired goal in the architectural project.

Electrical Safety
Cost Control

High usage safety and energy monitoring. With MiVal, your smart electrical system is optimized to manage Your Energy and related expenses efficiently. Every day.


The KNX Energy Management system, equipped with the Energy Guard function, allows for constant monitoring of home energy consumption, displaying real-time precise information on energy usage, offering true awareness of how electrical energy is being utilized in one’s home.

Automatically adjusting the lighting level through dimmers based on the existing natural light enables the consumption of electrical energy only when truly necessary, resulting in real and effective energy savings.

Furthermore, the Energy Management system, combined with the Load Control module, allows setting the desired electrical energy consumption, also based on the rates agreed with the electricity service provider.

If we consider that simply using energy more carefully in our homes could save up to 40%, closely monitoring our consumption in real-time is the most logical way to correct our behaviors and benefit from it.

By programming the operation of appliances in this manner, the system helps to consume electrical energy during the most suitable times for real and effective energy and economic savings.


Adopting responsible behavior towards our energy consumption not only allows us to save money but also enables us to adhere to a lifestyle attentive to the principles of sustainability.

The Energy Management and Load Control modules of your new electrical system incorporate basic functions for intelligent energy management. If programmed appropriately, they can also display the real-time energy consumption of appliances for individual connected loads, such as the washing machine, oven, or hair dryer, in addition to recording historical consumption statistics and correlating them with the actual expenses incurred for the utility bill.


The KNX Load Control includes a control device with priority disconnection and automatic or manual reactivation, capable of managing all the appliances in a house.
Thanks to this simple device and its associated actuators, it’s possible to prevent the electrical meter from tripping due to overload, ensuring that the equipment deemed most important is never disconnected from the power grid.

The entire system can be calibrated to a desired level to consume energy in a predetermined way. By saving in this manner, the world we live in will be happier with our behavior. MiVal Impianti is with you for a greener world!

MiVal is a KNX certified company. The KNX electrical standard is the first and most important bus system globally for creating next-generation electrical systems. Approved as a European standard (EN 50090 / EN 13321-1) and a global standard (ISO / IEC 14543), its strength lies in having over 400 manufacturers and more than 25,000 certified partner companies worldwide. This means that any product can be replaced with one of the same characteristics from another manufacturer, and any electrical system can be maintained and managed by any of the certified partner companies, making the electrical system always upgradable over time.

MiVal designs and implements systems with a propensity for valorizing new technologies for energy savings and the integration of multimedia and network devices.

If you want to get to know us better and discover all the features of the systems offered, we will be pleased to provide you with all our experience.