The home is our safe place, where we live most of our lives and store our most cherished possessions.

Connected alarm systems elevate our security to a new level of efficiency and performance. Manufacturers such as Ksenia for intrusion detection systems and Lilin for video surveillance have perfectly embodied the concept of security and Smart Home. They have developed a range of products designed for home automation systems, enabling the integration and control of all security systems with KNX and IP home automation supervisors.

Home is feeling safe.

Psychologically, a home holds various meanings and represents much more than just a physical place. When we think of “home,” it’s not just walls, roofs, windows, and rooms that come to mind, but also smells, colors, memories, sensations, and emotions. A home is an expression of our personality, our way of being and interacting with others, representing intimacy, and a vital space to be enjoyed daily alone or with loved ones.

While armored doors and good windows form the basis for a secure home, connected alarm systems and video surveillance complete the picture, allowing for simple and secure control, even remotely. Smart Home technology and home automation can further protect homes, a factor directly linked to increased peace and well-being, reducing daily worries and anxieties.

MiVal Impianti, with Ksenia and Lilin at the helm, employs volumetric sensors, motion detectors, and magnetic contacts to monitor and protect doors, windows, and every area of the house. Connected intrusion detection and video surveillance also allow for high flexibility and extensive customization options based on the needs and the environment we want to protect.

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