Living has never been so engaging.

Automation, Comfort, Entertainment, Security, Smart Electrical Systems, and Energy Management. With Control4 and KNX bus systems, everything is at your fingertips, always and everywhere. Just a smartphone or tablet and home automation is completely transformed.


A system capable of naturally translating your needs and desires. We aim to minimize the time and effort required for you to perform an action, whatever it may be.

For this reason, the greatest compliment you could pay to MiVal’s home automation and technology systems is to forget about them, considering them a natural extension of your behaviors.

A Day in a Control4 Smart Home Control4

MiVal Home Automation and Control4. Truly intelligent and it will resemble you.

MiVal introduces the Control4 home automation system for smart homes.

The Control4 home automation system offers you a simple and intuitive command interface for a wonderful experience in the home you’ve always wanted

You will have easy access to all the controls of your Smart Home in a pleasant and natural manner, whenever you desire.

From all your devices
Just an iPhone or iPad, an Android smartphone or tablet, a remote control, or a Control4 touchpad, Control4 and every possible action, all your desires, are at your fingertips. Everything you’ve always wanted.


Thanks to the principles with which we design and install each system, their intelligence capabilities and extreme ease of use ensure that the commands needed to achieve the desired outcome are always the bare minimum. And, thanks to the ability to recall commands or scenarios made for the responsible use of energy, the management of lighting and entertainment, your behaviors will become an integral part of a home that increasingly resembles you.


The One Touch management of lights, blinds, listening to music playlists, controlling TVs, and setting the desired temperature will become actions in symbiosis with your daily lifestyle.

You can select your favorite rooms and scroll from one to another with any device, tablet, smartphone, or fixed touch panel.




MiVal’s smart electrical systems, as a certified company, always feature a modular structure.

They utilize Control4 as the automation system for Smart Homes, the most powerful on the market, along with Vimar By-Me Plus bus electrical infrastructure, KNX, as well as the Cisco wired and WiFi LAN Network. The systems will be fully integrated with each other into a single comprehensive element. The final system thus created will allow for scalability and easy hardware and software updates over time.

Whenever you need it.

A Smart Home creates a personalized experience of comfort and control that meets all your needs, coordinating multiple devices together with the electrical system, making your daily life simple and enjoyable.


MiVal Impianti offers its expertise in the design and installation of the entire system in high-aesthetic residential projects.

We integrate into our home automation systems commands and civilian series from the most prestigious brands, in interior design projects, leveraging our knowledge of use and integration over more than 15 years of achievements.

With MiVal Impianti and Control4, your Smart Home will be filled with beautiful innovations and exciting experiences, allowing you to live the comfort you’ve always wanted in the home of your dreams.


MiVal Impianti with Control4 will make using your Smart Home easier, thanks to its clear and intuitive buttons, with quick-read descriptions, to access exactly what you’re looking for. It will be simple to see the set temperatures, lights that are still on, and blinds that are left open.

From any device.

Commands and Switch Plates
With MiVal Impianti and Control4, you can personalize your living space with your preferred controls, choosing from the most well-known brands on the market, such as Vimar, Lutron, BTicino, Ekinex, Eclettis, and many others. The MiVal home automation will reflect exactly the simplicity and harmony of the design you’ve always wanted.
Come and experience the innovations and exciting experiences of our home automation systems at our company or in our showroom. 
MiVal Impianti is with you to create the Smart Home you’ve always wanted.