Lilin cameras equipped with Artificial Intelligence AIDA are digital network cameras. These cameras can be used to create fully digital video surveillance systems that operate over a LAN network.

In addition to all the functions of standard IP cameras, these advanced models are equipped with sophisticated video analysis and facial recognition capabilities that allow for detections impossible with standard surveillance cameras. The accuracy level for recognizing objects, people, and things can reach 99%, enabling the video surveillance system to function like an intrusion detection system, with the added value of providing an alarm notification even before a breach occurs.

Advanced Video Analysis and Artificial Intelligence for Human Detection

The first thing that distinguishes these cameras from standard ones is their ability to detect the presence of a person in the frame. They can do this thanks to a highly advanced algorithm that identifies human characteristics and captures somatic traits in real-time. For optimal detection, the subject should be within a distance of 3 to 13 meters, depending on the model.

The detection algorithm works day and night, even with multiple people simultaneously, and even if the target is wearing a hat, beard, glasses, or partial masks. When the camera detects a person, it can execute alarm actions.

Lilin video surveillance paired with Control4 home automation systems achieves an intrusion security level with a precision margin of 99%, thus avoiding false alarms and, most importantly, providing real-time viewing of the event occurring in the residential unit, both locally and remotely.

Human Intrusion Area Detection

Lilin cameras with AIDA Intelligence can signal if a person enters a defined perimeter. This detection is very similar to regular motion detection, but, unlike the latter, it only triggers in the presence of humans, significantly increasing the precision of the alarm. Intrusion detection is useful for protecting external areas or access paths and signaling unauthorized intrusions.

The perimeter area to be monitored is configured during the programming and installation of the system and can always be changed in later phases depending on future needs that may arise.

MiVal Impianti installs Lilin surveillance systems as an official partner. Visit Lilin’s website at or contact us directly from our site to view the Lilin AIDA smart surveillance systems at our location.