New, essential, with strong distinctive features.

Ekinex 20venti stands out for its functionalities highlighted by new customizable buttons and the technical specifications guaranteed by the KNX standard. The choice of materials is vast and ranges from Fenix NTM®, known for its anti-fingerprint properties, to metal, unparalleled in its materiality, and to plastic, which is essential and easy to place.

The Evolution of Style According to Ekinex

Our designers, through continuous and refined research, have crafted a product designed to enhance environments. This series brings significant innovation, expressed through RGB backlighting and technical pluses that will make the 20venti series a future icon.

The backlighting, one of the distinctive traits that not only embellishes but also enhances its functional ergonomics, can be of two types: LED or backlit texts/symbols.

These elements characterize the 20venti series as bespoke, adaptable according to individual tastes and needs.

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