KNX Home Automation – The Standard for Smart & Building Automation

A key strength of the KNX system is that any product bearing the KNX label is not merely a manufacturer’s claim, but is backed by compliance tests conducted by KNX-approved laboratories. During these tests, it is verified not only that the device supports the KNX protocol, but also that its functional data is encoded according to the standardized KNX data types. This ensures that systems function properly even when combining devices from different manufacturers. The member companies of the KNX Association offer over 7,000 products in their catalogs. This extensive range allows for the integration of various functions such as:

  •  Lighting control;
  • Heating/ventilation system management;
  • Alarm monitoring;
  • Energy and electricity/gas management;
  • Audio and video system management;
  • Access control and integration of compatible devices.

Additionally, the system can be accessed via LAN, cellular networks to enable centralized or distributed control of the system through PCs, touch-screen displays, and smartphones.

MiVal Impianti includes among the best KNX device brands the manufacturer Eelectron.

For 20 years, Eelectron has been developing and producing electronic devices and applications based on the KNX protocol for environmental automation. It designs home automation devices and intelligent systems for energy saving, with a strong focus on design, technology, and the improvement of comfort and control over electrical resources.

Research, development, design, and production are all completely Made in Italy. Eelectron’s high quality standard is reflected in a wide range of products in residential, hospitality, and building sectors, along with active partnerships in more than 75 countries worldwide.

To date, Eelectron devices have been installed in more than 25,000 hotel rooms, prestigious villas, and large residential complexes around the world.

MiVal’s choice of Eelectron products is driven by the high quality of the products and the high level of technical support and service, which are crucial for the successful installation of complex integrated home automation systems.

For detailed information about the company and Eelectron products, visit the website: