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The Konnex KNX standard allows for the automated and decentralized management of technological systems in various types of structures: commercial buildings, industries, offices, homes, public spaces, schools, and more. The KNX protocol is a global bus system that is open and complies with major European and international standards.

The KNX system is part of an advanced building sector that adheres to the principles of sustainable development and aims to serve people and comfort as an essential and added value of modern, innovative, and safe construction, but especially eco-sustainable, focusing on the responsible rationalization of energy.

The KNX protocol can be used in various applications and functions for the control of homes and buildings: lighting, shutter control, alarms and video surveillance, heating monitoring, ventilation and air conditioning, water control, energy optimization, management of household appliances, audio and video systems, and simple and intuitive control of cutting-edge entertainment. KNX-based home automation improves comfort and security and can contribute up to 50% in energy savings and reducing environmental impact.

A Konnex system can be installed in both new and existing buildings. KNX home automation systems can be easily expanded and adapted to new needs quickly and with modest financial investment, even when a new business takes over a commercial building or a new ownership in a residential property. A home automation system can be used in both small homes and large buildings: offices, hotels, conference centers, hospitals, schools, large stores, airports. As a certified KNX, Control4, and Vimar View company, MiVal Impianti designs and installs electrical home automation systems with KNX technology. Various brands like Control4 paired with KNX systems and Vimar By-me Plus, and integrated into adequately designed and rationalized LAN networks ensure that controls and integrations in a residential unit are always modular, expandable, and scalable over time. Below are some websites of the best existing products and brands on the market.

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