Merit LILIN is a manufacturer of video surveillance systems that offers solutions incorporating artificial intelligence through the AIDA (Artificial Intelligence for Digital Applications) technology. Merit LILIN’s AIDA technology uses AI to analyze video streams in real-time and identify unusual behaviors or dangerous situations through IP communication surveillance cameras.

With AIDA technology, Merit LILIN’s video surveillance systems can be trained to recognize specific behaviors or situations, such as the presence of individuals exhibiting suspicious behavior in selected areas or unauthorized vehicles through license plate recognition. Additionally, these systems can send real-time alerts and provide detailed information on emergency situations, thus keeping the security system always active against intrusions and enabling swift and appropriate security actions.

Merit LILIN also offers advanced video analysis solutions that allow for the examination of large volumes of video data to gain insights into trends and behaviors. For example, video analysis solutions can be used to monitor traffic flows and optimize routes in an urban area or monitor a specific perimeter to alert of an intrusive action even before an alarm system is activated.

Your Smart Home – Safe and Intelligent

Merit LILIN’s AIDA technology can provide high-performance video surveillance solutions that combine artificial intelligence with CCTV video to create extremely accurate and intelligent security systems. These systems can help enhance security across many applications, taking into account privacy aspects and ensuring that the systems are used responsibly.

MiVal Impianti pairs Merit LILIN’s surveillance systems with Control4 supervision systems. With this system architecture, it is possible to trigger all events generated by advanced video analysis or Merit LILIN’s AIDA artificial intelligence in the Control4 system, to link actions aimed at security of various types and suited to each specific home or workplace. For example, recognizing a person in a restricted area can automatically close access points (doors and windows) or activate specific lighting scenarios, all designed to increase security levels even before an intrusive event occurs.

The new LILIN cameras offer truly high performance. The P6R3782E2 model is a product with very high-quality standards. It comes standard with a five-year warranty, glass treated with hydrophobic nanotechnologies, mechanics designed for heavy use, and a casing made of thick aluminum alloy treated against corrosion; all aimed at minimizing the need for cleaning and maintenance. The cameras and junction boxes, on specific projects, can be customized with both unique patterns and colors, designed to allow internal cable routing, offering protection against weather elements or potential tampering.

With Lilin and Control4 home automation, you can manage your video surveillance system with a simple and unique system

Each environment can be managed with the supervision of Control4 OS3 in a single control system, with the video surveillance integrated into the home automation system as a unique system. At any time and from anywhere, you can control your home simply and with customized functions best suited to your needs, both from a tablet and your smartphone, to manage security according to your specific requirements.

With MiVal Impianti, your home or office will be secure, comfortable, and quick. And always connected.

Merit LILIN and Control4 home automation supervision systems are available for a personalized demonstration at our showroom location.

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