Manage Your Energy Efficiently – Energy Monitoring Modules – Your Green Smart Home

Adopting responsible behavior towards our energy consumption not only allows us to save money but also enables us to adhere to a lifestyle that respects sustainability principles, contributing to the increasingly pressing energy issue. If we consider that simply using energy more carefully in our homes could save up to 40%, closely monitoring our consumption in real-time is the most logical way to correct our behaviors and benefit from it. For this reason, the Energy Management and Load Control modules of your electrical system integrate basic functions for intelligent energy management, which, when properly programmed, can also display real-time appliance consumption for individual connected loads, such as the washing machine, oven, hairdryer, etc., as well as record historical consumption statistics and correlate them with actual expenses incurred for utility bills.

Load Control

Load Control involves a priority-based control device with automatic or manual reactivation, capable of managing up to 16 appliances per module used. With this simple device, it’s possible to prevent system shutdown due to overload and ensure that the most critical equipment is never disconnected from the power supply.

Priorities are established for disconnection, allowing the system, in the event of excessive power consumption, to progressively disconnect appliances deemed less important.

The entire system can be calibrated to a desired level to consume energy in a predetermined manner. By saving energy, we contribute to making the world a happier place!

Energy Management

The Energy Management module, equipped with the Energy Guard function, allows for continuous monitoring of the home’s energy consumption, displaying real-time precise information on energy usage, thus providing real awareness of how electricity is being used in the home.

Automatically adjusting the lighting level through dimmers based on available natural light enables electricity to be used only when truly necessary, leading to real and effective energy savings.

Furthermore, the Energy Management system combined with the Load Control module allows for setting the desired electrical energy consumption, also based on the rates agreed with the electricity provider.

By scheduling appliance operation in this way, the system helps to use electricity during the most suitable times for real and effective energy savings.

MiVal Impianti utilizes energy management devices from Vimar, a leading company in the production of home automation systems for Smart Homes. Contact us for detailed information on energy monitoring and load control systems.

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