Latest Generation Technology and IP Video Intercom Systems – MiVal Impianti Chooses Control4 and 2N.

Thanks to its modularity, the Control4 / 2N IP security intercom can be configured exactly according to your needs. It ensures reliable control of building entry and also allows easy connection to the home automation control touch panels installed in the home and all Apple iOS and Android smart devices, using the LAN network infrastructure now present in residential units, thereby enhancing building security. The external plate is available in two colors, anodized aluminum or black, with the option to integrate a biometric fingerprint reader, Bluetooth module, optical display, and various accessories depending on the specific entry control or passage needs.

Night Vision Camera

The onboard camera provides perfect High Definition visualization, even in complete darkness, of whoever is in front of your door. Moreover, the camera is concealed and cannot be detected with the naked eye. Therefore, an intruder does not know they have been spotted.

Indoor Stations – Outdoor Plates

All indoor stations can have an 8” or 10” High Definition display with a white or black finish and integrate the home automation functions of the Control4 system, or operate as a standalone video intercom system. In both cases, all indoor stations function as an intercommunicating system.

On the outdoor plate, you can also set up a contact list in an intuitive and structured manner, just like on your smartphone. The display, which can be installed with an optional address book module, is water-resistant and mechanically durable, and offers perfect readability even in sunlight.

Home Automation Integration

With the Control4 / 2N video intercom, the video intercom and Intercom system can be considered either a standalone system or a natural extension of an integrated home automation system. This allows for fulfilling the needs of gate and entry calls, intercommunicating communication from the video intercom’s indoor stations to all the provided Apple iOS and Android smartphones or tablets, both locally and remotely, all translating into high user comfort and excellent security concept.

Design and Technical Performance

The most important criteria for choosing solutions for our client are the reliability and performance of the products, combined with aesthetics and design. That is why MiVal Impianti chooses the Control4 / 2N IP video intercoms, devices that always meet all the requirements of a residential or tertiary project where reliability and flawless operation are the primary demands of the end user.

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