Multiroom Audio Systems with Home Automation Integration or Stand-Alone Version

The term “multiroom audio,” or multi-zone audio, commonly refers to technology that allows us to listen to music in different areas of our home. It provides the ability to manage all common controls of a HiFi audio system in a unified and simple manner using smart devices like smartphones and tablets, which are now commonplace in our daily lives.

Audio source, volume, tone EQ, system power on/off, and activation of individual rooms are now controlled effortlessly through smart devices connected to the home’s WiFi/LAN network.

The concept of Multiroom is to centralize the audio source—whether it comes from audio files on a NAS, a hard drive, or Internet audio streaming—and then transmit it to any part of the house via wired, wireless, or WiFi signal, all managed through a dedicated application.

The audio quality is incomparably superior to Bluetooth connections, capable of transmitting high-definition music files. This system, once known as “wired broadcasting,” integrates all the planned multiroom speakers, which will be installed in the house along with dedicated audio amplifiers or active wireless speakers that do not require audio cable connections.

Some speakers incorporate a Wi-Fi module, saving space, while other systems operate with a central hub that all other audio speakers depend on.

Integrated Audio Systems – Devices and Speakers for New Smart Homes

Over the years, MiVal Impianti has carefully selected a range of devices, speakers, and amplifiers specifically for creating multiroom audio systems, catering to both residential and commercial spaces with a keen focus on aesthetic and architectural aspects.

The control system can be either “Stand-Alone” or integrated into the Control4 home automation supervisor. This allows for seamless and powerful access to all digital streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, TuneIn, Deezer, and others, as well as to local NAS and personal audio libraries, providing easy and immediate access to your preferred audio. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of specific atmospheres and scenarios within your home or entertainment venue.

MiVal’s top choice for speakers in selected rooms is Revel Acoustic, an American manufacturer known for high-quality, high-performance speakers for design, architectural, and stand-alone solutions. This is paired with Lexicon amplifications, including the DD8+ amplifier, which features onboard DSP to equalize each room and achieve perfect frequency response for multiroom audio listening. For non-integrated systems, VSSL electronics offer solutions with App controls in Stand-Alone mode.

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MiVal Impianti provides an opportunity to experience multiroom audio systems with EQ Audio calibration at their Showroom, allowing you to fully appreciate the pleasure of a multi-zone audio system installed in your home and integrated with a Control4 home automation system.

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