Connected to the Network.
Always and Without Limits

The Lan Network you’ve always wanted will now be at your fingertips.

MiVal creates your Lan Network, both wired and WiFi, to integrate home automation electrical systems or for Internet connection in Stand Alone mode. Our knowledge of the Lan Network world at the service of your new needs.

Network Systems and Data Networks

Among the most important yet often overlooked technological systems today, the network system undoubtedly stands out. The Network is the system that allow us to always stay connected with the world around you, offering guarantees of work, comfort, entertainment, and security.

Whether locally or remotely.

For this reason, MiVal has specialized over time in offering you the suitable solution for your needs.

With MiVal Impianti’s Lan Networks, the structure will be simple and optimally configured for the daily use of all technologies now designed to live with us and be interconnected, eliminating annoying malfunctions or difficult unknow configurations.

It will be so pleasant to download large files while we are dedicated to watching an HD or 4K streaming movie, with a constantly integrated use of security systems.

Every device is always alert and vigilant at all times, connected to your Lan or WiFi network created by MiVal.

Cisco – Hewlett Packard – Araknis
Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, and Araknis devices, depending on the system, will handle the connection of any network device introduced into your home, which will occur easily and modularly, without compromising the performance and requirements that our era of communication necessitates.

WiFi 6 The Wireless Connection Finally Without Problems

Proper design and installation of the WiFi network in residential and tertiary environments allow for a rationalization of the devices used, resulting in improved connection performance, as well as downloading and uploading of data.

MiVal Impianti designs and implements certified Network Networks in the new WiFi 6 standard, from the simplest infrastructures to the most complex, integrating also Firewall control devices, to ensure correct procedures in the realm of CyberSecurity.

The integrity of your residential or work unit is a top priority for a better quality of life, in terms of security and peace of mind.


Network Hardware and Software Devices

MiVal selects and incorporates into the network infrastructure devices such as routers, switches, and access points, with particular attention to functionality, firmware updates, as well as hardware manufacturers’ warranty and support.

We use devices from the best brands, like Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Araknis.

This is to always offer a high-quality level in the network installation, in terms of performance and security. The quality of the network installation translates into the stability of all technological installations, which are now integrated with each other, such as the home automation electrical system, audio/video systems, intrusion detection systems, video surveillance, and finally internet connectivity.

We are pleased to transfer all our knowledge and professionalism for a better connection experience to the customer.

Network Installations – Official Cisco CCNA Certification

MiVal is a Cisco Networking CCNA certified company. We design and install wired and WiFi Lan network systems, with both electrical and functional official certifications, for state-of-the-art systems designed for new data services, connectivity, integration, and high-performance streaming. The result is the complete and total functional convergence of any integrated device.

Now your systems and devices will be at the heart of your residential or work experience.

And they will follow you everywhere. Always.

The challenge should not be how to use the Network well, but how to live without discomfort in the age of the Network.

With MiVal Impianti, you’ll find the most suitable solutions for your residential space.

Contact us for your specific and personalized needs.