Security and Intrusion Systems

Security and peace of mind for a better quality of life.

All MiVal security systems are designed and built taking into account your most particular needs.

Within the range of technological electrical installations, MiVal has gained twenty years of experience in the creation and installation of security systems, both intrusion detection and video surveillance, conceiving them in a modular and scalable manner over time.

We are capable of creating systems that consider future upgrades, optimizing the devices contained within, so that part of the systems themselves can be implemented into home automation systems later on, or to later develop anti-intrusion security with additional video surveillance systems.

Surveillance with Video Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

Installing video surveillance systems to enhance the security of your home.

A video surveillance system serves not only as a powerful deterrent to ill-intentioned individuals but also as a detecting and identifying system before the potential intrusion of unauthorized persons. The high technology of Lilin combined with Ksenia intrusion systems keeps your home, office, or commercial activity constantly connected with you, protected 24 hours a day, especially in your absence.

Mival Impianti’s video surveillance solutions provide an improved video security experience for your home or office. Lilin hardware, sold as a certified partner, discreetly covers all areas of your property, both inside and out, according to your personal needs. With the support of Video Analysis, in Advanced Mode or Artificial Intelligence, it will be possible to automatically identify people, objects, or events, depending on the level of precision you wish to achieve. Your residence will be attentively protected, and each device will always be alert at all times and connected to your Lan or WiFi network.

Home & Building
Full Security

Protect your home, residence, or workplace around the clock. Your safety is our top priority. We help you create the most suitable access control and video surveillance system for your needs, based on the characteristics of your house.

Lilin Video Surveillance – With Any Device

Lilin’s network surveillance solutions provide the platform to deliver a better, simple, and extremely effective security experience. Regardless of your residential or work-related needs, you are well protected from intruders, break-ins, vandalism, and any other incidents. You can choose durable outdoor cameras or discreet products for sensitive environments with a high design content. The system control interface is powerful and easy to use. It offers complete video management with easy integration of various features, such as Motion Detection, Advanced Video Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence AIDA. Your life becomes secure and is simplified in many smart ways.

Anti-Intrusion Detection and Video Surveillance – Protection Without Pause

Lilin’s Artificial Intelligence, with its specific software algorithms, will allow you to check if a person has crossed into an unauthorized area, or if a car with a specific license plate has approached a driveway entrance of your house. Depending on the event that occurs, a push notification, an email, an SMS, or simply a call to your mobile phone will alert you to what is happening, from the activation of an alarm to the preemptive detection of a person near a specific monitored area of your home. And you will always be at ease knowing that the security systems will protect your dwelling without pause, day and night.


Ksenia Lares 4.0 Anti-Intrusion Control Panel

The security and anti-intrusion systems of MiVal Impianti are encapsulated in the Ksenia Lares 4.0 control panel. It represents a real technological innovation because, with a single panel, it is possible to implement an entire security system that can be integrated into any home automation system, on KNX bus and IP Lan infrastructure.

The Ksenia system allows total control of the home, with the ability to manage alarms, front gates, and barriers. You can create anti-intrusion barriers around your external perimeter, thus preventing break-ins even before an intruder has entered your dwelling.

With MiVal Impianti and Ksenia Lares 4.0, make your home safe for everyone living inside.

The simple security you’ve always imagined.

Anti-Intrusion Detection, Video Surveillance, Home Automation – A Single Integrated System

With Ksenia, Lilin, and Control4, you can manage all your anti-intrusion detection and video surveillance systems with a simple and single setup.

Each environment can be individually managed using the Ksenia or Lilin Apps if used in Stand Alone mode, or under the supervision of Control4 OS3 in a unified control system if the anti-intrusion system and video surveillance are integrated into the home automation system. All the Apps are available for both Apple iOS and Android. Anytime, anywhere, you can control your home simply and with customized functions that best suit your needs, whether from a tablet or your smartphone, to manage security according to your specific requirements.

With MiVal Impianti, your home or office will be secure, convenient, and fast. And always connected.

The simplicity and security you’ve always desired.

MiVal Impianti designs and installs anti-intrusion detection systems with Ksenia Security systems and Lilin video surveillance systems, as an official Control4 partner.

Ksenia and Lilin systems possess the certifications and official drivers for integration into home automation systems created with KNX and Control4 systems.

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