The Features and Benefits of a Smart Home from the Experience of MiVal Impianti.

Smart homes, also known as intelligent homes or smart homes, are becoming increasingly common in our area. Recent data reported by Il Sole 24 Ore reveals that in Italy, 24% of homeowners undertaking renovations incorporate at least one smart home element. The demand for these types of systems is growing. A smart home is an automatic house where a management and control system facilitates everyday activities.

When discussing home automation, we refer to the application of technologies aimed at optimizing the quality of life in our homes, making them smarter through specific home automation systems. Explaining how a home becomes smart is complex, so to give a practical example, let’s consider the home’s lighting system.

In a traditional home, you can turn on the light using the electrical wire that connects the switch to the light fixture; to turn on the same light from another part of the room, you would need to use a second electrical wire. However, with home automation, there is no physical connection between the button and the light fixture.

Instead, the intelligence of a smart home is provided by “programmable electronic modules” that are installed behind the lighting buttons or placed in the main electrical panel, and are connected by a cable called a “bus” that transmits “digital” information. This creates a network of information that makes the home smart and allows each button to be reprogrammed based on individual needs and to receive different commands.

The same principle applies to all other aspects of the home, such as motorized shutters, security systems, internal temperature management, irrigation, audio systems, monitors, TVs, and more.

In each area, a precise response to a command can be organized, as the necessary digital information flows through the electrical system. This creates true customized commands and scenarios aimed at simplifying daily habits and enhancing security.

All of this can also be managed remotely: various functions can be activated by devices, such as remote controls, voice commands, buttons, and smartphone apps, which activate the desired function. The smart home system, now autonomous and fully integrated into various functions, will respond to requests via the supervision controller and all interconnected and integrated systems.

What are the benefits of a home automation system with a Control4 KNX Vimar By-me structure?

In a smart home, all functions can be customized and synchronized according to factors like the season, family habits, or specific command needs, offering a range of benefits in terms of security, energy consumption, and comfort.

1. Security

In a smart home, security is ensured by state-of-the-art surveillance and alarm systems: simple video cameras interconnected via the LAN network and the alarm system allow real-time monitoring (via touch or smartphone) to ensure the home is safe from intrusions, flooding, or fire. Additionally, with the use of special locks, it is possible to open doors remotely, check the latest entries made, monitor unauthorized entry attempts, and grant access only to selected individuals.

2. Consumption

When considering the installation of an integrated home automation electrical system with Vimar By-me KNX electrical infrastructure and Control4 supervision, it’s important to note that the benefits are not only aesthetic, security-related, or in terms of living comfort but also in energy savings over time. One of the main purposes of a home automation system is to intelligently manage home energy, optimizing consumption through the use of energy monitoring modules and control of high-power appliances, such as ovens, washing machines, induction hobs, etc. For instance, regarding the heating and air conditioning system, there is the possibility to turn the system on or off remotely and monitor its consumption according to the time of year.

3. Comfort

By setting customized scenarios on your home automation electrical system, you can coordinate smart functions so that connected devices activate simultaneously as needed, according to specific requirements. Upon returning home, you can have the gate open, lights turn on, and the air conditioning system start up—all simply because the various systems are integrated and receive commands for specific functions upon your arrival.

Additionally, smart systems include windows that close or darken autonomously depending on changing weather conditions or specific times like sunrise and sunset. The management of all entertainment devices such as multiroom audio, home theatre systems, control of Sky decoders, and multimedia devices will remain the same even when you decide to change your TV to a different model or subscribe to a new multimedia streaming service.

MiVal Impianti offers you the opportunity to visit a real set-up home to experience firsthand the benefits of an integrated home automation electrical system, with KNX Vimar technology and Control4 supervision.

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