MiVal Impianti has been using the Vimar By-me Plus system for 10 years. We consider it the home automation system for residential automation with the best quality/price ratio and performance available on the market. The Vimar By-me Plus system allows for easy integrations with KNX systems and devices, thus creating a mixed bus network tailored to the most detailed requests and needs of our customers. At our headquarters and our showroom apartment, you can experience firsthand various integrations with the By-me Plus home automation and combinations with KNX climate control devices as well as sophisticated Audio Video systems.

With By-me Plus and Control4, you can transform your home into a wellness oasis where you can always find your preferred environmental conditions.

Its advanced yet intuitive technology controls sound distribution, manages lighting, and commands automations. Moreover, with the Vimar By-me Plus devices and the Control4 home automation processor, you can smartly control the climate and monitor energy consumption in real time (including water and gas), as well as manage irrigation, from home or via smartphone. Control4 allows you to manage all entertainment devices, such as video, TV, Multiroom Audio systems, and sophisticated Home Cinema setups, with operating scenarios that also integrate Vimar By-me Plus automations.
A true smart home, attentive to the needs of the entire family.

Pair the Control4 supervision system with Vimar By-me Plus home automation for a living experience in the home of your dreams.