MiVal Impianti Tests the New Vimar Linea Series

The brand-new Vimar Linea series is one of the most innovative lines of electrical solutions for residential and commercial use, featuring advanced home automation controls and electrical outlets. MiVal has implemented this high-quality, designer product in our latest installations.

Designed and produced by Vimar Spa, an Italian leader in lighting controls, electrical outlets, and home automation electronics, the Linea series offers a wide range of design and functionality options. These cater to the specific needs of every high-end environment and architectural project. An example is the flush Schuko sockets, which sit flush with the plate when not in use and have a push-in mechanism when a plug is inserted.

MiVal Impianti is proud to incorporate this high-standard product in our installations, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and superior performance.

Vimar Linea Series – Full Flat and XT All-Button Home Automation Controls

One of the most distinctive features of the Vimar Linea series is its integration with advanced home automation technologies, available in both By-me Plus and KNX standards. With the Linea series, you can control lighting, blinds and shutters, scenarios, and many other household functions from any Internet-connected device, such as smartphones, tablets, and video touchscreens. Integrated with the Control4 supervision system, its high ergonomic level and minimalist full flat design—only 5.4 millimeters thick—make it a unique product for both quality and elegance. This applies to both the standard version and the XT all-button version with customizable backlighting.

Additionally, the Vimar Linea series features a simplified wiring system that allows for quick and hassle-free installation. Its modularity makes it easy to expand or modify the components at any time without complex replacements.

For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website Vimar Spa.

Contact us for a demonstration appointment of the Vimar By-me Plus, Control4, and KNX home automation systems at our location.


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